Cheyenne Footswitch

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The Cheyenne Hawk Foot Pedale has been specifically designed for use with the Cheyenne PU I and PU II Power Supplies but works with any power supply using a phono plug connection. The sleek pedal has a complete 360 degree pressing range. Tap it anywhere, at any angle, with enough force to activate. This state of the art foot pedal has Class IP X6 protection that gives it unmatched durability. It is water resistant and its smooth rubber exterior ensures that there is no chance of you getting an electric shock. It weighs around 0.25 kg and has strong springs that allow you to control when it starts and stops. The Cheyenne Hawk Foot Pedal works well with other Cheyenne equipment and you won't regret getting one for yourself. 

Technical Features :

  • Can be operated from all sides
  • Protection class IP X6
  • Stable thanks to:
  • Special rubber elements (3M)
  • balanced weight for a good hold (approx. 245 g)
  • Strong springs, so you can rest your foot without accidentally activating the switch
  • Sublime and minimalistic design
  • Flexible, thin connection cable with cinch plug and a length of 2 meters
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Cheyenne Footswitch
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