Cheyenne PU II Tattoo Power Unit

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Cheyenne PU II Power Unit has been especially developed to support Cheyenne’s powerful equipment like the Hawk Thunder, Hawk Spirit and the Hawk Pen and compliments them perfectly. Every great artist needs great equipment to stand out from the pack and the Cheyenne Power Supply is on top of that list.

The innovative digital design of the PU II Power Unit has it dishing out a regulated frequency of up to 150 strokes per second on very little voltage. It can be used at 4-6 volts for all machines including the Thunder that normally requires 10-11 volts to start. It has an integrated board that allows a smooth startup no matter how much power is needed.

The compact design makes it easy to carry around. Use the power supply in your tattoo studio or take it with you while you travel, the PU II is the perfect choice for your power supply needs.

Initially made for Cheyenne machines, you can use the power supply with all manner of tattoo equipment that requires power. Make sure you have the right adapter and you should be good to go.

The PU II also has dual input allowing you greater functionality. You can now use two tattoo machines simultaneously without having to switch out one and replacing it with the other.

Technical Information

  • Nominal Voltage: 5-12V DC
  • Power Consumption: 15VA
  • Voltage: 0-20
  • Dual Input

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Cheyenne PU II Tattoo Power Unit
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