Critical AtomX Silver Tattoo Power Supply

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Critical AtomX Silver

The Critical AtomX is a small, user-friendly tattoo power supply. The AtomX features the easy to operate buttons as the other Critical power supplies. It also has the unique colour changing voltage indicator as the original Atom and a traditional display indicating the exact voltage. The built-in magnets make it possible to attach the AtomX to any magnetic surface. The AtomX can be used with or without a foot pedal, thanks to the pedal override mode. If you are using a foot pedal, you can choose between maintained and momentary mode. This means you can either use your pedal to get your tattoo machine running with on click, or by keeping the pedal down as long as you want to machine to run. There is also a jumpstart mode for tattoo machines that need a bit of extra power to get going.

Key Features:

  •         Compatible with all coil and rotary machines
  •         2 voltage presets
  •         Colour indicates voltage (range 1.5 – 17 volt in 0.1V increments)
  •         Built in magnets and silicone base for use on a variety of surfaces
  •         Can be used with or without a foot pedal
  •         Maintained or momentary foot pedal modes
  •         Jump start for hard starting machines
  •         Built in short circuit protection
  •         Fully machined, anodized aluminum housing

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