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iPower Watch - Battery Tattoo Power Supply

Yes, it is true! iPower Watch provides an easier and more efficient way of tattooing. iPower Watch's goal is to remove the unnecessary external power source and eliminate long wires at your work station, while providing exceptional power supply output to your tattoo machine or any other electronic devices. In addition, iPower Watch cuts down on the long preparation, hence allows you to fit more customers in your daily schedule. iPowe Watch is built for tattoo artist and permanent make-up artist!

Technical details:
Volts can be adjusted in 5 steps:
5V, 6.5V, 8V, 9.5V, 11V
LED display (5-step display)
Silicone rubber bracelet
Magnetic closure (3 sizes possible)
Dimensions: 26 x 3.5 cm (L x W)
Weight: 102 g

Standard accessory:
Charging cable
Connection cable
6 adapter

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iPower Watch Tattoo Power Supply
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