Permanent Make-Up

In this section we carry a full range of products concerning: micropigmentation, cosmetic and paramedical. Wide range of permanent makeup machines and professional instruments made in Germany with a two year warranty, needles, cartridges and any accessories such as ink-pigment caps carries and spare parts for machines. In this section you will also find the pigments for tattooing eyebrows, lips and scar camouflage. Certificates and hypoallergenic pigments, available in two different formats, 5 and 10 ml, you just have to choose from our color chart, the ones that may be helpful. You will also find, synthetic leathers for training but we cannot stress the point enough that to graduate onto skin work, an aspiring artist should seek out a proper apprenticeship. We carry a full range of aftercare creams and pomade that will support optimal healing of your work.

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Foot Switch
A foot switch from Grainger makes work easier by keeping hands free to do other things...
Topical Anesthetic Relief Gel
Topical anesthetics are used as pain relief. They are applied to the skin to treat pain...
Plastic Support for Fake Skin Face - Tattoo\Permanent Make Up Practice
 Plastic Support for Fake Skin Face. Ideal when you are training with permanent makeup or tattooing...
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