Cheyenne Hawk Spirit Kit Silver + Cheyenne Power Unit

Cheyenne Hawk Spirit Kit Silver + Cheyenne Power Unit

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It doesn't matter if you're a newbie or an expert looking to hone your craft. If you've been working with old fashioned or faulty equipment, it is time for an upgrade. This Cheyenne Hawk Spirit Kit in Silver is the ultimate upgrade to your tattooing equipment. 

The Kit contains the all powerful Cheyenne Hawk Spirit Drive. The light weight machine allows you to draw in every hard to reach area without any problems. The ergonomic handle and the comfortable Hawk Grip that comes in the kit just adds to the ultimate user experience.

The machine's continuous operation mode allows you to go about your work with the least amount of effort. Its powerful motor ensures that all its operations are as smooth as silk.   

No more hanging up on the machinery you use. Bring your artistic ideas to life with this extraordinary kit! 

Kit Components:

  • Silver Cheyenne Hawk Spirit
  • Silver Cheyenne Hawk Grip (21mm or 25mm)
  • Cheyenne Power Supply (PU I OR PU II)
  • Adapter Cables
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