Cheyenne Hawk Spirit Kit Purple + Cheyenne Power Unit

Cheyenne Hawk Spirit Kit Purple + Cheyenne Power Unit

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If you're looking for an all-in-one kit that gives you a complete tattoo creating package, the Cheyenne Hawk Spirit Kit in Purple is the perfect choice for you. 

The Hawk Spirit is a compact, light-weight machine that works well with all types of skin. It ergonomic design gives you complete control while you draw. The decreased vibration and noise means that there is nothing breaking your concentration while you work. But what really makes the Spirit unique is it's powerful motor and great puncturing frequency. 

This marvelous kit is a dream come true for tattoo artists everywhere. It contains the aforementioned powerful Cheyenne Hawk Spirit Drive in Purple for the artists who value style, the Purple Hawk Grip, the PU I or PU II Cheyenne Power Supply as well as adapter cables.  

Kit Components:

  • Purple Cheyenne Hawk Spirit
  • Purple Cheyenne Hawk Grip
  • Cheyenne Power Supply PU I OR PU II
  • Adapter Power Cables
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