Cleaning, Disposable & Sterilization

If you are an aspiring tattoo artist you're going to have germs. Wash your hands properly. Wash with anti-bacterial soap. Hep is the quickest guy to get. Almost anything you touch in the studio can possibly have Hep on it. The floor is a large concern in a tattoo shop. If you don't get the floor clean then you will track disease everywhere you go. Another thing to think about is that every client sees your floor and that's the first thing they judge the cleanliness of your shop by. The first thing you want to do is sterilize your floor. A lot of products are on the market for cleaning floors. There are a few chemical solutions you can buy from a tattoo supply company. They all have different names but they are called germicidal solutions. Anything that is used in a tattoo needs to be cleaned or thrown away. Any ink pens that you may use on a person for drawing must be used once and thrown away. Packs of pens are like two dollars, don't be cheap. Never use reusable towels. Always use standard paper towels while tattooing. Some of them have printed designs on them, while some artist will tell you the ones with designs will bleed color into your tattoo. All stencils need to be used once and thrown away, and all razors need to be used once and thrown away. Disposable items are pratic solution to make more safe your job. Also an autoclave is a machine that uses heat and pressure to kill germs is an object that every tattoo artist should have in their tattoo studio. Take a look in this section and you will find a wild range of products to make your job safety.
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BLK Powder Solidifying
BLK Solidifying Powder is the most efficient way to dispose of your tattoo rinse cup, ink caps and wet waste.Available size:- 25ml;- 300ml;- 1lt...
Professional Disposable Towel
Professional paper cloth in pure cellulose.It is ideal for cleaning the tattoo while running.Being a very soft paper, doesn't scratch and doesn't irritate the already sensitive skin during the tattoo ..
Inkjecta Rubbaz - Disposable Rubber Cover
Inkjecta Rubbaz - Disposable Rubber Cover
Inkjecta Rubbaz is a disposable rubber cover for Inkjecta Flite Nano tattoo machine.These covers, are made of soft rubber that fits perfectly to your machine, protecting it and making it more ergonomi..
Black Rat - Scotch Paper Black
Black Rat paper tape adhesive black color.Solvent-free, leaves no residue, it can be easily removed.The best tape used in tattoo world.Dimensions:Length 50 mWidth 3 cm..
Tatformance Elastic Band For Grip
Tatformance Elastic Band For Grip
This amazing innovation is one of those low-cost, relatively unknown products that have been designed to make the lives of tattoo artists easier. If you have never heard of it before, you really are m..
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