Autoclave & Sterilization

Sterilization means by definition, that you make any object, including surfaces, free of germs or bacteria. Technically this is impossible. There are so many germs out there that as soon as something touches the air it is contaminated. Something only remains sterile if you never remove it from a sterilized packaging; even then it's only good for about three months. If you autoclave sterilize something and leave it alone, after a period of time it becomes un-sterile again. What this means for you as an aspiring tattoo artist is that you're going to have germs. An autoclave is a machine that uses heat and pressure to kill germs. Everything that's put into an autoclave should be in a bag or pouch that's made especially for the use of autoclaving. This bag or pouch has an indicator strip on it that changes color when sterilization has been reached. Always read the color change area for what color it was, and what color it should be.There are a few different types. A dry heat oven that does not use pressure, a chem-clave named for its use of a pre-made sterilizing chemical, and an autoclave uses heat and pressure while on a timer. Well that's pretty much the basics to sterilization. Always do research and learn as much as you can about your environment as well as the dangers it may have virally. What little bit I went over is nothing compared to what you need to know.

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