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The inks used for tattoos do not have a chemical composition standards, however, it can be said that they are constituted by two components: the vehicle and the pigment. Manufacturers of tattoo inks are not obliged to disclose the components that constitute them and also those who do tattoos use mix various inks. Most of the inks are made with metal salts, vegetable dyes or plastics. The vehicle has the function to evenly distribute the pigment in a fluid matrix, to prevent the emergence of pathogenic substances, to prevent the agglomeration of the pigments and to encourage the application on the skin. The vehicles most used are: ethanol, purified water, hamamelis of plant origin, Listerine, propylene glycol and glycerin. The pigments that are put into each ink serve to impart the desired color; some pigments have natural origin and in this case are obtained by treatment of particular minerals, but in the majority of cases are obtained synthetically. The synthesis methods are varied and use wet processes and / or dry and include intermediate stages as dissolutions, more or less complex reactions, precipitation, filtration, washing, desiccation,  calcinations etc. For these reasons, it would therefore be necessary that lawmakers regulations about the discipline of tattoo inks requiring that the various constituents were disclosed, also taking into account the fact that these substances are injected into the skin and therefore should be averted all those potentially harmful has the widest range and best selection of tattoo inks and artistic colours for sale within the industry. We offer a wide range of Ink colors like Intenze Ink, Cheyenne Tattoo Ink, Eternal Ink, World Famous Tattoo Ink, Panthera Ink, Polynesian Ink and more. Advanced tattoo ink because tattoo artist deserve the best!
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BLK Powder Solidifying
BLK Solidifying Powder is the most efficient way to dispose of your tattoo rinse cup, ink caps and wet waste.Available size:- 25ml;- 300ml;- 1lt...
Dinamico Professional Tattoo Ink
DinamicoProfessional Tattoo InkBlack ink for tattooing Bottle 150 ml..
Indian Ink Tattoo Black
India ink is a simple black, or colored, ink once widely used for writing and printing and now more commonly used for drawing and outlining, specially when inking comic b..
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