Cheyenne Rotary Machines

Cheyenne Profassional Tattoo Equipment is a leading company lacated in Berlin, Germany. Since is started to operate in this sector this company chenged the point of view on how to work easly and professional at the same time. Their slogan is : " Made for artist!". This is because their centres for tachnical development shall take into account the opinions of the most world famous tattoo artists. The innovation of Cheyenne rotary machines changed the way to work of the major tattoo artists around the world! The great performance guaranteed by each machine,
together with the rest of the products Cheyenne, as safety cartridges needles, power supplies and accessories Power Unit, to provide professional tattoo artist, everything you need in order to work at the highest levels. Pen Hawk, Hawk Thunder and Hawk Spirit, make your choice and you will not regret! is the official distributor Cheyenne, we will always find all the products at competitive prices. © 2019