Cheyenne Hawk Thunder

The HAWK Thunder is a great sophisticated tattoo machine, which combines brand-new innovations with the best of previous models. The new power of the HAWK Thunder is perceivable: the increased hub and power enable you to make highly precise lines in one go. Now, all styles are possible without any loss of quality! Lining, shading as well as coloring on the highest level. Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment : " Made for Artists!"

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Kit Cheyenne Hawk Thunder - Black + Cheyenne Power Unit
If you're looking to set up your tattoo studio and are in search for the best equipment, this Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Kit in Black is the ideal choice for you!It contains the user-friendly and versatile..
Kit Cheyenne Hawk Thunder - Orange + Cheyenne Power Unit
Tattooing is an art and every tattoo artist needs the right equipment to stand out from the pack. There is no better way to do that than getting your hands on this Complete Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Kit i..
Kit Cheyenne Hawk Thunder - Purple + Cheyenne Power Unit
The Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Kit in Purple is the personification of class and power rolled into one. The eye-catching Purple finish is sure to put the rest of your tattoo studio to shame. The high perfo..
Kit Cheyenne Hawk Thunder - Red + Cheyenne Power Unit
Every tattoo studio needs the panache that only Cheyenne equipment can bring with it. This complete Kit of the Cheyenne Red Hawk Thunder is a stunning all-purpose bit of equipment that could make your..
Kit Cheyenne Hawk Thunder - Silver + Cheyenne Power Unit
In a world where it's hard to find the which tattoo equipment best suits your style, our Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Kit in Silver is the answer to your prayers. The Kit contains the all-powerful Hawk Thund..
Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Black+Grip
The Black Cheyenne Hawk Thunder tattoo machine is powerful machine designed to provide tattoo artists an all-in-one machine for their tattooing needs. Its high frequency and powerful strokes allow art..
Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Orange+Grip
A tattoo artist is only as good as the equipment he uses. The Cheyenne Hawk Thunder is there with the best of the best tattoo machines in the market. This high end rotary machine combines the awesome ..
Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Purple+Grip
Cheyenne Hawk Thunder is sophisticated tattoo machine, which brings new innovation and adds them to the best of what the precious models had to offer. This versatile Rotary machine is the ze..
Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Red+Grip
The Hawk Thunder in Red is a chic piece of machinery that combines state-of-the-art craftsmanship, that made the original Thunder so popular, with the exquisite style that looks like a million bucks i..
Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Silver+Grip
The Silver Cheyenne Hawk Thunder is no ordinary machine. For fans of the original Thunder, this machine is a remarkable piece of equipment that has just gotten better. It looks amazing in Silver, givi..
Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Black
The Black Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Drive is an impeccably designed piece of tattoo machinery that can add much value to your work. For tattoo artists looking for freedom and efficiency, this ma..
Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Orange
The Gold Thunder Tattoo Drive is the machine for miracle workers. Its rotary tattoo machine motor has remarkable performance features that are a dream come true for tattoo artists. They say Gold ..
Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Purple
For every tattoo artist creating mediocre work, there is one who creates glorious art. The Thunder Tattoo Drive with its impressive performance features, ergonomic handle and state-of-the art finishin..
Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Red
The Red Hawk Thunder Tattoo Drive is the zenith of stylish tattoo machines. Cheyenne has taken the incredible popularity of the original Thunder and improved on it to give you a tattoo machine that ha..
Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Silver
When you can't decide which tattoo drive would be the best option for you, there are a few things that you might be considering. Well, you can consider all you want or just get your hands on the styli..
Cheyenne Hawk Hand Grip Black
The Cheyenne Hawk Hand Grip in Black is a standard item with the Black Cheyenne Hawk Spirit Drive and Black Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Drive. It offers you a firm grip over your tattoo machine so that you ..
Cheyenne Hand Grip - Purple
Purple is the color of nobles. It stands for fierce attitude and the extravagance of Kings. If you think that the description defines who you are as a person and you are looking for a Cheyenne Hawk Ha..
Cheyenne Hawk Grip - Silver
The Cheyenne Hand Grip for the Silver Hawk Thunder Tattoo Machine and the Silver Hawk Spirit Machine is available in sizes of 21mm and 25mm. It offers a powerful grip that ensures that you never lose ..
Cheyenne Hawk Hand Grip Orange
The Cheyenne Hawk Hand Grip is the standard bearer as far as providing the best grip for your Cheyenne tattoo machine is concerned. This Gold Hand Grip adds that much-needed panache and style to your ..
Cheyenne Hawk Hand Grip Red
This Cheyenne Hand Grip for the Red Hawk Spirit Drive and the Red Hawk Thunder Drive offers grip like nothing else. The strong yet comfortable grip will make sure that you are always in control. There..
Cheyenne PU I Tattoo Power Unit
Cheyenne PU I Tattoo Power Unit
This power supply has been especially designed by Cheyenne to cater to its powerful tattoo machines. The digital control brings the right mix of cutting edge and functionality to the mix. Its ver..
Cheyenne PU II Tattoo Power Unit
Cheyenne PU II Tattoo Power Unit
Cheyenne PU II Power Unit has been especially developed to support Cheyenne’s powerful equipment like the Hawk Thunder, Hawk Spirit and the Hawk Pen and compliments them perfectly. Every great artis..
Cheyenne Footswitch
Cheyenne Footswitch
The Cheyenne Hawk Foot Pedale has been specifically designed for use with the Cheyenne PU I and PU II Power Supplies but works with any power supply using a phono plug connection. The sleek pedal has ..
Flex Cheyenne Grip
When there is a great product like the Cheyenne cartridge system, you would be wise to make use of it. That is where the Cheyenne Flex Grip comes in. The Flex Grip can be used with most rotary and ree..
Cheyenne Cover Grip Standard
Cheyenne disposable grip cover. Designed to protect Cheyenne Hawk Pen's grip, Cheyenne Hawk Thunder and Cheyenne Hawk Spirit.These covers provide tattoo machine and artist against any contamination.Th..
Cheyenne Fixed Grip
The Cheyenne Fixed Grip is a necessity for those who wish to use their tattoo equipment, whether rotary or coil, with the Cheyenne Needle Cartridge system. The Fixed Grip will allow you the leisure of..
Hawk adapter cable jack 3.5mm to 6.3mm
When working with your favorite tattoo equipment, you don't want substandard cables interrupting you or worse, damaging your favorite equipment. This Hawk adapter cable jack is a quality product that ..
Hawk adapter cable jack 3.5mm-6.3mm female
The worst thing that could happen to a tattoo artist would be being unable to work due to an unstable power connection. The importance of tattoo machines and power supplies is not lost on most, but a ..
Hawk Supplies Adaptor
Sometimes you have too much faith in the power supply you use to give it up. At other times, you might feel that a power supply that is doing its job perfectly does not require to be replaced.The Hawk..
Hawk Supplies Banana Plug
The Hawk Supplies Banana Plug is used to connect your favorite Cheyenne tattoo machine with any banana jack power supplies. On one end is the headphone jack and the other contains the banana plug. Con..
Start-up Cable for Thunder
The Cheyenne Thunder is designed to work at its best with the Cheyenne Power Supplies i.e. the PU I and PU II. The Thunder has a powerful motor that requires 10-11 volts to start but with the PU ..
Cheyenne adapter cable 3.5mm Banana Plug
Do you have a Cheyenne Power Supply but are worried of using a faulty adapter with it that could damage your tattoo machine? Well, the Cheyenne adapter cable is built especially for use with the Cheye..
Cheyenne adaptor cable 3.5mm male - rca female
When faced with the conundrum of connecting the Cheyenne Power Supply with your favorite piece of tattoo equipment, be it a rotary or a coil tattoo machine, this Cheyenne Hawk adapter cable is exactly..
Cheyenne converter jack to RCA
The Cheyenne Converter Jack to RCA can be used to convert a 3.5mm plug to an RCA connection. If you have a Cheyenne Power Supply connection that uses a 3.5mm plug but tattoo equipment that requires an..
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