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The DORMOUSE is a leading company in the tattoo business based in Reggio Emilia, Italy. The idea to create a company born from the tattoo artist Gabriele Ghirondi. Gabriele graduated from the Istituto d'Arte Chierici of Reggio Emilia as master of art. After many years of experience in tattoo industry in 2012 finilly he realized the dream to create ELECTRIC DORMOUSE TATTOO MACHINES. The name of company cames from the nickname that his friends tattoo artists from all over Italy used to call it "DORMOUSE!" His idea is to produce coil tattoo machines of the highest quality, using only the best materials and employing the latest technologies that Emilia Romagna, fantastic land of engines, racing and designer offers.With all the line "smart" Gabriele realized an other dream to create a perfect combination between good quality and right price of tattoo machine. The product then arises: it works, great machines, good selection of models, aesthetically pleasing, from low weight thanks to CNC machining and LASER adopted for production. In January 2015, given the success, a collaboration with a small chain of supply in Italy which, in addition to further spreadthe DORMOUSE in Italy,  reports to Gabriele information that industry professionals and consumers of the product thetransfer. From this was born the idea of creating two new lines of machines. The first line, called "LUXURI", consists of 4 models of great features, attention to details and uses materials and high-grademetals. The "LUXURI" is sold as a set of points, but with a accessibilissimo and competitive price for a high quality product. The other new range of machines is called "SMART" line; It shares with "LUXURI" the same technical characteristics and the same materials,  but hovers over a price distinctly lower, without giving up the proverbial reliability and ease of use of DORMOUSE that have decreed the success. It is the great product that allows diffusion to Gabriele to propose its machines to all artists feel affordable and competitive. While this path of growth and success the affectionate clientele grows and asks loudly to Gabriele to build a rotary machinewith the same characteristics, price, quality and reliability of its machines to coil. The task is arduous, but even in this case, our "hero of tattoo" succeeds in enterprise. With the help of MAXON MOTOR, Swiss manufacturer of high quality electric motors manufactures Saturn, rotary machinex tattoos by weighing only 80 gr. His heart MAXON MOTOR allows to realize the dreams of all its customers, i.e. have a rotary machine light, handy and usefast and intuitive allowing  gradients and fills flawless.
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Saturno Rotary Machine
Saturno Rotary Machine
An Electric Dormouse product, the Saturno Rotary Machine is a strong and rapid rotary machine that has all the qualities to become a top of the line shader/filler. The frame is made from aluminum bill..
Demon Liner
The Demon Liner by Electric Dormouse is a machine that stands out from the rest for its incredible look as well as unparalleled reliability.It has been designed keeping you in mind. Ergonomi..
Patu Color
Patu Color is an Electric Dormouse product that provides a unique and fulfilling color experience. The magnificent machine is part of a long line of quality products by Dormouse and has been built usi..
Smart Color
An Electric Dormouse product, the Smart Color is a remarkable machine for its price. Built with the best materials available in the market, the Smart Color is not only reliable but an incredibly good ..
Smart Liner
The Smart Liner is not your usual run-of-the-mill tattoo machine. It is a stylish machine that has all the hallmarks of being a great. The ergonomic machine weighs just 230g and has the superior devel..
Smart Shader
Smart Shader is professional tattoo machine for all shaders. Billet, equipped with bobbine 8 Wrap and weighs about 230g. With this tattoo machine, they guarantee flawless shades and you can take home ..
Tanto Liner
Smart Color tattoo machine is professional tattoo machine for all line types. This machine is different style and great. Tanto Liner has great success in the world for its original line and the versat..
Torpedo Nero Shader
Torpedo Shader tattoo machine Dormouse is a professional machine for all kinds of gradient made from a single block cut to the CNC. Advanced materials, precision assembly and tricks craft tattoo machi..
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