History of Tattoo Machine

History of the Tattoo Machine. The predecessor of the tattoo machine was the electric pen invented by Thomas Edison and patented in 1876. This was designed for the duplication of documents. In 1891 the New Yorker Samuel O'Reilly invented and patented the first electric tattoo machine, making techniques used up to that time obsolete and outdated, much slower but especially painful compared to this innovation. A further change was implemented by Alfred Charles South, which added a second coil to the mechanism. The instrument was extremely heavy and to make it more manageable was often applied a spring that connected it to the ceiling, to make it lighter. In 1929, Percy Waters patented a new design which closely resembles the modern day tattoo machine. His machine included two electromagnetic coils that were set parallel with the frame, a spark shield and an on/off switch. Waters was a successful tattoo artist in Detroit, Michigan, where he also ran a tattoo supply company for nearly thirty years. He produced classically noted flash sets and tattooed many well-known tattoo collectors during that era. He was initiated into the Tattoo Hall of Fame on January 15, 1987. The moder tattoo machines use a system of electromagnetic coils that determine a linear movement of a metal bar. At the end of this are placed one or more needles which penetrate into the skin leaving the pigments in the dermis, an underlying layer of the epidermis, not subject to continuous regeneration os cells, which would cause the tattoo deteriorate in a short period of time. The speed is about 50 penetrations per second. In recent years there is seen the introduction of the electric motor maker called "rotary": unlike the coils, in fact, we find an electric motor of variable power, which allows penetration of the needles into the dermis. This type of rotary tattoo machine allows to have a lower weight and a unique practicality, since it can be set with a few simple moves, to be used for coloring, linerand shading. This innovation does not need the requirement of having two tattoo machines for these operations. In this section you will find the  most world famous brand of tattoo machines such as Cheyenne, Stigma, Bishop, Eikon, Inkjecta, Dragonfly and more...

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