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At you can find all the best clip cord and rca cables for tattooing produced by HM Tools & Dye

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HM "no-foot" Cross Switch
The HM no-foot Cross Switch is a new innovation that allows you to replace the standard pedal of the tattoo machines with a on and off switch. For people who do not like to keep controlling their mach..
HM Gooseneck Cord Black
The HM Gooseneck Cord in Black is quality creation that allows you much greater access into the tightest of spaces without any problems. The wire is 6.5 feet in length and has been made from high qual..
HM Gooseneck Cord Blue
The Gooseneck Cord in Blue is a testament of the quality that HM stands for. This incredible 2 meter long wire has all the makings of an industry great. As reliable as they come, these cords are a onc..
HM Gooseneck Cord Red
As far as operating tattoo equipment is concerned, often tattoo artists undermine the importance of reliable cords. What results is absolute chaos! The HM Gooseneck Cord in Red has been designed addre..
HM RCA - Jack Cords Black
The HM RCA Jack in black boasts of the tremendous quality of HM products that has made HM every tattoo artist's go-to brand as far as tattoo equipment goes. The supreme quality of the cords shines thr..
HM RCA - Jack Cords Blue
These fun looking RCA - jack cords in blue carry the name and quality of HM.When you're looking for products that can last you a lifetime, you often look towards products that have extraordinary produ..
HM RCA - Jack Cords Red
When looking for power cords, the focus of your search should be on quality materials. The most important thing in a cord is its reliability. While one can ignore the look of a cord, the quality and s..
HM RCA Converter Black
As far as converters are concerned, this quality product by HM has no equal in the industry. Using this converter in Black, you can easily convert any RCA cord into a clipcord. It is a one-step proces..
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