Invicutus Tattoo Machines HM

In this section you will find the Micro-Glide Invictus and the Invictus direct drive tattoo rotary machines by HM manufacturing. An innovative new project from Invictus Tattoo Supply & HM Manufacturing. The Invictus direct drive rotary is the latest tattoo machine from Europe’s finest machine builders.

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Invictus Micro Glide Black
Invictus Micro Glide BlackDesigned and manufactured in collaboration with Invictus Tattoo Supply, the HM Invictus Micro Glide from HM Tools & Dye features top quality CNC-machined 7075 Series Airc..
HM Rotary Machine - Invictus Direct Drive Black
The HM Invictus Black takes the old school direct drive system, updates it and modernizes it to bring you a machine that is both simple to use and has the quality seal of Invictus. This 3.5 mm Di..
HM Rotary Machine - Invictus Direct Drive Inox
The HM Invictus has all the ingredients of an all-time classic. This superlative machine, which is a product of the collaboration between Invictus and HM, reinvents the old school direct drive machine..
HM Rotary Machine - Invictus Direct Drive Purple
This is the Purple version of the incredibly popular HM Invictus, the 3.5mm Direct Drive Rotary that stands out for its remarkable design and high end performance. The Invictus is a co-production..
Machine Rotary Invictus Brass
There was a time when the Direct Drive type tattoo machines were all the rage. Those were good times. Tattoo creation was an art and those traditional machines were at the forefront of the dawn of tha..
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