Ink Machines Dragonfly & Stingray

Ink Machines is a leading company in the Tattoo Industry located in Sweden.  Thanks the coperation with the most world famous tattoo artist Ink Machines developed high standard of quality in production of tattoo machines. Their products are always manufactured and tested in their laboratories to ensure that customers don’t end up as a guinea pig for unfinished products. Feedback with the tattoo artists and exchange valuable informations are fundamental for Ink Machines.They try to create products to make easier the job of tattoo artists so they can focus on creating.Their catchphrase is: "Ink Machines for better tattooing!"
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Dragonfly Tattoo Machine Evil Black
The Dragonfly in Evil Black is a machine of exquisite design that the new gen tattoo artists are sure to connect with. Its sleek finish and fantastic flexibility in use has made it one of the fastest ..
Dragonfly Tattoo Machine Demonic Blue
Dragonfly in Demonic Blue! If there is ever a tattoo machine that would entice you to buy it without even knowing how it performs, the Dragonfly is it! The excellent design and cool layout of the mach..
Dragonfly Tattoo Machine Crazy Lime
The Dragonfly Tattoo Machine in Crazy Lime is a fun and contemporary tattoo machine that runs all type of standard and cartridge needles. It offers adjustable stroke lengths (2.6mm, 3.7mm and 4.5mm ..
Dragonfly Tattoo Machine Seductive Pink
The Dragonfly in Seductive Pink is seductive for sure. It is a brand new machine that emits a brash attitude that most tattoo artists would enjoy. It features amazing new Swiss X2 motors. The X2 is a ..
Dragonfly Tattoo Machine Deep Purple
The Dragonfly tattoo machine in Purple is a testament to the new age tattoo machines of this era. It boasts wonderful flexibility and precision that makes older machines look like junk. The Dragonfly ..
Dragonfly Tattoo Machine Devilish Red
The Dragonfly Tattoo Machine in Devilish Red is bound to bring out the devil in you. This state of the art tattoo machine personifies the new generation of tattoo artists and their preference for styl..
Stingray Tattoo Rotary Machine Evil Black
The new Stingray Machine in Evil Black is the perfection of earlier models to give you the ideal machine for high quality tattoo work. The machine features the all-new Swiss X2 motor, with its 6W..
Stingray Tattoo Rotary Machine Cyanide Cyan
The brand new Stingray Tattoo Machine in Cyanide Cyan is a cutting edge piece of technology that revolutionizes the tattoo industry. It brandishes the exclusive X2 Swiss motor with its excellent 6W ou..
Stingray Tattoo Rotary Machine Blazing Gold
The Stingray Orange or Blazing Gold has all the qualities needed to make it one of the world's top most rotary machines. It features the amazing X2 motor with its 6W output and compatibility with the ..
Stingray Tattoo Rotary Machine Slime Green
They say that behind every great tattoo artist is tattoo machinery that provides them the platform to excel. Well, if you're looking for a machine to back your potential, the Stingray Rotary might jus..
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