Stigma Rotary Machines

Artemis Rosakis is a pioneer for the rotary tattoo machine, inventor of first generation Stigma machines. He is still the head developer and father of every Stigma model made. When Artemis first started to think about his own line of rotary machines, his intention was not just to provide this adjustable give system but also to achieve excellent precision, a cool ergonomic design and a perfect overall performance. Due to its experience in the field of tattoo industry Artemis made is first prototypes in 2003 and only after two years of testing he started the production with his partners for use in his own studio and those of his fellow artists. That was the start of a success story that inspired the world’s leading tattoo artists and convinced users of coil machines to start using rotaries. Stigma-Rotary® machines have been improving the work of many thousands of tattooists ever since then. All rotary machines with adjustable give have been based on this invention. The demand for rotaries from artists and the approval of rotary machines within the tattoo scene were both boosted considerably by this invention and the many other technological advancements by Stigma®. Believing that rotaries are the future the company is proud of having essentially initiated this process. Nowdays Stigma Rotary is a leader company in the tattoo industry with more of 20 years of experience and their products are sold worldwide. Motor cames from Switzerland, all other elements are made in Germany and every machines is assembled and tested before leaving the warehouse. By these means, Stigma Rotary ensure that the final product satisfies high standards of quality ever. © 2019