Excenters and Motors for Stigma Rotary

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Stigma Rotary - Hex Spinner
Stigma Rotary - Stroke Excenter Adjustable (2.5-5.5-All in One)
The Adjustable Stroke Excenter allows you to adjust the stroke for Stigma-Rotary machines. It is a useful tool that gives you the ideal opportunity to add greater functionality to your equipment. It i..
Stigma Rotary- 4.5W Fly Motorplug
The Fly motor is the engine of the remarkable Stigma Rotary Fly machine. It is a high performance motor with a 4.5 watt engine that has been designed for needle groupings of up to 50 needles. Develope..
Stigma Rotary - 4.5W V2 Motorplug
The 4.5W MotorPlug by Stigma Rotary is a compact motor that offers amazing power for its size. At just 44g, the motor adds very little to your Stigma Rotary machines in terms of weight, all the while ..
Stigma Rotary - Power Drive 6W Motorplug
Stigma Rotary - 10W Motorplug
The 10W MotorPlug by Stigma Rotary is made for power. It features the incredibly powerful Swiss Maxon brushless motors, giving it unparalleled durability. The brushless motor reduces the chances of du..
Stigma Rotary - 5W EC Brushless Motorplug
Stigma Rotary - 5W EC Brushless Motorplug
The Stigma-Rotary MotorPlug 5W is the personification of perfection. It uses brushless technology that gives the motor unmatched longevity and performance. It has been estimated that the 5W MotorPlug ..
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