Sunskin Tattoo

Sunskin Tattoo Equipment - Peofessional Tattoo Machine Original Made in Italy -  is a leader company in the Tattoo industry based in Italy. Since 1997 they produce and assemble tattoo machines with prime quality materials. Their tattoo products are the result of many years of reserch and testing, using innovative techniques. They were the first to use a frame manufacture process that was rarely employed before and that many other producers considered excessive as  it was highly sophisticated and too much expensive to be applied in this field. The production process requires C.N.C. machines to obtain the frame from a single block. Therefore metal is neither welded nor bent resulting in a more precise frame with reduced vibrations,  also thanks to the choice of brass and first quality iron alloys. In the years following many others tattoo machines producers starting to use this kind of process. Coils are manucaftured in their workshops using the first time the bakelite spool (the best material for this kind of application) and a copper wire (OFC) to wound it. In this way, coils guarantee efficiency increases over time as being designed to work at a lower voltage they don't heat up. Springs are the result of many years of experience and are made of very high quality carbon steel that makes them more elastic and resistant. Springs can have different thickness allowing us to perfectly calibrate our tattoo machines according to your needs. Sunskin Tattoo Equipment is a company that really pay attention to details, every componets are designed, manufactured and tested in their laboratories. Original made in italy products and each machine is numbered making the product unique! © 2019