This machine, replica of the historic and famous J.Walker, already tested for many years, guarantees a good performance with all its versions. All models are obtained from a single block of metal. Hand made coils are assembled in our workshop reeling copper wire (OFC) on bakelite spools. The price list includes machine customization with coil illustrations. All binding posts are made of copper and the contact screw is made of 825 silver. Our calibrated springs are made of high-quality carbon steel. Each tattoo machine can be assembled and set up for lining, shading or solid color.

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J. Walker Evolution Handled - Liner
The J. Walker Evolution is one of those machines that are looked upon by many tattoo artists as collectibles. These classics are pure quality and for that they have grown in stature as a machine that ..
J. Walker Evolution Plain - Color & Shading
This magnificent machine from Sunskin has all the makings of a great. The J. Walker Evolution is a professionally designed tattoo machine that looks good in the studio and will deliver great results. ..
J. Walker Plain Base - Color & Shading
J. Walker Plain BaseThe J. Walker machine is a replica of the famous Johnny Walker tested. This is  equipped with a mechanical line from  filling.It also nuance ensuring both version..
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