The  Small-V is the result merging together the old style of the Round Back Jones and the modern style of our Big-V. Thanks to its weight and sizes reduced, the frame is more compact and balanced.The improvements of this project give to this tattoo machine more reliability and accuracy. The Small-V after long testing by many artist, is leading product for many years and our source of pride. The excellent results gained with this model brought us to extend all the improvements to the entire collection, creating this way the Evolution line.

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Small V Evolution Handled
The Small V Evolution is another excellent tattoo machine brought to you from the workshop of Sunskin. The product is available in a number of finishes with a myriad of illustrated coils to choose fro..
Small V Evolution Polished
This original Sunskin product is the Small V Evolution Polished model. The Polished finish highlights the brass frame, which is then polished to perfection for a glittering finish. The look of the mac..
Small V Evolution Old Black
As far as quality products are concerned, no one does it better than Sunskin. The Small V Evolution in Old Black is a top of the line product that has all the makings of an industry great. The Old Bla..
Small V Evolution Plain
This is the Plain version of the Sunskin Small V Evolution. The Plain version ensures that the brass frame exhibits the shine of the original metal used in construction giving the machine the look of ..
Small V Iron Traditional Setting Liner
Small V Iron Traditional Setting LinerSmall V Iron Traditional Setting Liner is the best quality machine and good activities. Small V Iron Traditional Setting Liner is different style and great. Small..
Small V Iron
Variant iron, developed by the same draft of the Small V. Using this metal and different technical solutions, it was possible to obtain a machine even more compact and lightweight. The silver 825 wa..
Small V Bronze
Small V BronzeSmall V Bronze Is a best Tattoo machine.It is  made by a block of bronze, to create a fantastic limited edition. Same good characteristics of the whole series.It is enhanced by th..
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