Symbeos by Eikon-HM

Two companies from two different countries; veteran machine-builders HM Tools & Dye, and industry leaders in innovation, Eikon Device, have a shared passion for tattooing and making superior quality tattoo equipment. Both had a new vision for rotary tattoo machine technology. They realized that with HM's machine building expertise, and Eikon's proven research and design capability, together they could produce the most innovative rotary machines ever seen in the industry, and fulfill the needs of tattoo artists who have been looking for something different. At that moment a very cool long-distance relationship was begun. Symbeos features one body and a system of interchangeable components - each meticulously machined by HM using high-grade European materials, and powered by precision Swiss motors. The body and parts are carefully designed to function symbiotically and still give the artist the flexibility to configure their machine to work how they want it to. This level of control now provides tattoo artists with the freedom of choice and diverse functionality of many machines, but in ONE sleek convenient package.

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Symbeos Rotary Deluxe (3 motors)
Symbeos Rotary Flex (2 motors)
Symbeos Rotary System Flex  is the best quality machin. Purchase this machine you won't be disappointed. The Symbeos Flex System features a reduced combination of interchangeable machine componen..
Symbeos Rotary Machine Body
It is important to keep in mind that the Symbeos Slides must be lubricated each time they are assembled or re-assembled into a Symbeos Machine Body, or after 35-40 hours of operation. To ensure the lo..
Symbeos Rotary Flex Upgrade
The Symbeos Rotary Flex Upgrade System has been designed to upgrade the machines using the Flex System to the Deluxe System. This upgrade kit contains all the components that make the hugely successfu..
Symbeos Slide Pivot
Symbeos Slide Pivot is the best quality product. The adjustable Symbeos Pivot Slide allows you to control the amount of give from soft to medium with an easy twist of the thumbscrew. Great for shading..
Symbeos Slide Piston
Symbeos Slide Piston is a twisting object. It has adjustable slide which can give medium to hard easy twist of the black thumbscrew. A quarter turn can have by one twist. It is great for color packing..
Symbeos Slide Cushion
It is adaptable that provide you to rule your give from hard to soft and also medium. And its also amazing for great lining. It is full approved by the Artist...
Symbeos Parts Stroke Wheel 2.6 - 3.4 - 4.0 mm
The Symbeos Stroke Wheel is a quality bit of engineering that makes tattooing  with your favorite Symbeos machine a worthwhile experience. It is designed to provide your machines the perfect work..
Symbeos Set Anodized Vice Thumb Screws
The Symbeos Set Anodized Vice Thumb Screws is a set of 3 thumb screws that can be used to customize your Symbeos machines. The purpose of these Vice Thumb Screws is for you to be able to differentiate..
Symbeos Rubber Bands-Black Elastics
Every machine needs quality accessories and parts to be able to function at its optimum performance capacity. The Symbeos Rubber Bands are one such product whose main utility lies in its ability to im..
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