Tattoo Needles, Cartridges, Grips & Tips

Tattoo Needles, Cartridges, Grips & Tips
Tattoo needles and cartridges may seem an argument with a few issues to be addressed, but actually the world of tattoo needles is truly boundless. Because of the wide range of types and the lack of standardization in the size and form is really easy to get confused. We really suggest you to take a look to the page Info of this section. Hopefully that article will shed some light. In this section of you will find only the most famous brand on the tattoo market about tattoo needles and cartridges. Nowdays we are the main tattoo supply in Italy and Europe and we sell worldwide. We are official distributor for the most important brand in the tatto world like Cheyenne Professional Equipment, Magic Moon, Ez Cartriges, Taurus Tattoo Cartridge, Gold Line and Kwadron. All we offer on our e-commerce are only top quality and high technolic products.We take care of our customers ensuring great availability of the most famous brands and most widely used.
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Container for Needles and Knives 2Lt
Sharps container and needles. Puncture and disposable plastic product ecological and also resistant to fluids and solvents. Excellent for the disposal of hazardous wastes such as needles for tattoos a..
Liner Bar
Signature Professional Grip Sleeves
Signature Professional Grip Sleeves
Ideal for additional protection of your machine and to increase in grip. Box of 100 pieces...
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