Tattoo Needles and Cartridges

Tattoo needles may seem an argument with a few issues to be addressed, but actually the world of tattoo needles is truly boundless.Because of the wide range of types and the lack of standardization in the size and form is really easy to get confused:
Hopefully this article will shed some light. The four properties of tattoo needles:

  •      cone diameter
  •      Taper level
  •      Number of needles
  •      Configuration


The 4 most common sizes are # 12, # 10, # 8 and # 6. They correspond to different values expressed in millimeters; the largest is the # 12 by 0.35mm, followed by the # 10 with 0.30mm, from # 8 of 0.25mm, 0.20mm and ending with the # 6. The value can be found easily by looking at the first two numbers reported on the packaging (For example a 1207RL will have a diameter of 0,35mm).


The taper indicate the "shape" of the tip: taper can be more or less pronounced depending on the needle top The standard length is 1.5mm, but can be up to 7mm.


The count indicates the number of needles welded to each other: in the above example (1207RL) the count is indicated by the number 7.


Configuration indicates how the needles are grouped together and determines the way with which the ink will be injected into the skin.There are several types of configuration:

RL: Round Linear
Tattoo Needles are gathered in close circular formation. They are used to create the main lines.

RS: Round Shader
Tattoo Needles are gathered in large circular formation. They are used to create shadows.

F: Flat
Tattoo Needles are gathered in a linear formation. They are used to create geometric shapes and shading

M1: Weaved Magnum
Tattoo Needles are gathered in a plot by two rows. They are generally used for the mixing pigments and for tattooing large areas.

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