Kwadron Tattoo Needles

Kwadron is leader company based in Poland. The whole story of Kwadron begins with a tattoo. In the late '90s honing his tattoo artist techniques at home, college and then abroad Kwadron founders have increased their experience and the need to have professional equipment, still key element of the tattoo artist work. In early 2000, did not exist companies on the market that deal with equipment for the tattoo world arranged and those provided quality equipment very poor at exorbitant prices. This has forced us to produce alone machines for tattooing, grip, needles. We have gained wide acceptance in the international arena, our products can be purchased at major European distributors, and you can meet us in the biggest tattoo convention in Europe. Currently we are the only company in Poland that provides equipment for tattoo artists.

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Steel Sleeve - Dotwork
The package contains 3 steel sleeves with allen adjustable for set this to any type of needle, to make tattoos stipple...
Bar Grommets
Ideal for all your armature bar points. Packed in 100's...
Tattoo Grommets Clear
Rubber door needle bar armor, made of transparent silicone. ..
Crystal Clicks Grommets
No more bags with grommets, we now have the Crystal Clicks in a handy dispenser with quality seal. Easy to put down on your workbench and easy to use. The Crystal Clicks click firmly into your needle...
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