Magic Moon Tattoo Needles

All Magic Moon Needles are made from the same high quality steel and underlie strict quality controls which take place during and after production. This is how we maintain the highest quality possible since many years. Different Tattoo motives and techniques require various needle groupings and variations. We pretty much cover the whole spectrum for you. With four different tips and Bug Pin needles, we offer something for every occasion. Magic Moon Needles are ideal for tattooing lines, shader and coloring. Our "One Off Liner" are round needle configurations which are missing the incircle needle. Thereby more ink is transported and you can draw long, bold lines with them.

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Steel Sleeve - Dotwork
The package contains 3 steel sleeves with allen adjustable for set this to any type of needle, to make tattoos stipple...
Bar Grommets
Ideal for all your armature bar points. Packed in 100's...
Tattoo Grommets Clear
Rubber door needle bar armor, made of transparent silicone. ..
Crystal Clicks Grommets
No more bags with grommets, we now have the Crystal Clicks in a handy dispenser with quality seal. Easy to put down on your workbench and easy to use. The Crystal Clicks click firmly into your needle...
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