We carry a full range of accessories products for your tattoo needles and cartridges. As a tattoo professional, you need the best tools, including accessories for tattoo needles, autoclavable cartridges needles grip, alluminium grip, grip sleeves, flex grip. At we sell quality supplies for all of your tattoo needs and we have all the most important brand in tattoo industry such as: Cheyenne, Eikon, Signature, Lauro Paolini, Micromutazioni and many others. Check out our selection, and our prices. We think you’ll be impressed!

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Eikon Rubber Band
Eikon Rubber Band
Eikon rubber bands.These are available in a bag of 1000 pcs and 6 different colors...
Bar Grommets
Ideal for all your armature bar points. Packed in 100's...
Tattoo Grommets Clear
Rubber door needle bar armor, made of transparent silicone. ..
Crystal Clicks Grommets
No more bags with grommets, we now have the Crystal Clicks in a handy dispenser with quality seal. Easy to put down on your workbench and easy to use. The Crystal Clicks click firmly into your needle...
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