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EasyPiercing for the care and hygiene of piercing. EasyPircing is one of the product range by Medical Body Art. MBA ia French company leader in Tattoo and Piercing industry that since 2004 developped hygiene and aftercare solutions specific to body art. They offer their products exclusively to tattoo and piercing studios through their brands: Easytattoo, Easytattoo Professional, Easypiercing and Easycleaning. Anxious to best meet the needs of professionnals and consumers, MBA works with professionals of the body art and health industries. MBA ensure a French manufacturing under pharmaceutical and dermatological control, a regulatory compliance of their products and a certified industrial partners ANSM and ISO (International Organization for Standardization). Thanks this approach, nowdays MBA works with over 1,000 studios in France and 40 countries around the world that trust them and appreciate the quality of products.

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Easypiercing Cleaning Gel
Intended for daily cleaning of the piercing, the EASYPIERCING cleansing gel dissolves any organic material and eliminates most bacteria present around the piercing...
Easypiercing Saline Solution
Saline Solution body piercing aftercare solution of saline for your piercing saline solution piercing cleaning solution from saline. ..
Easypiercing Hygienic Solution
Intended to prevent piercing infection, the Easypiercing hygienic solution is designed to act quickly and effectively on a big number of bacteria...
Easypiercing Care Kit
 The Easypiercing kit is the first full healing and aftercare solution, specially designed to help body piercings and modifications...
Easy piercing mouthwash 125ml
Thanks to the antibacterial, antifiungic and the clove relieving congestion properties, this care is ideal for mouth piercing maintenance. Its specific formula allows a frequent use without alteri..
Easypiercing Mouthwash 500ml
Intended for mouth hygiene, the Easypiercing mouthwash solution is ideal for the maintenance of mouth piercing...
Easycleaning Hydroalcolique +
This is a disinfectant for hands.Easycleaning Gel disinfectant for handsalcohol-based.- 500 ml..
Easycleaning lotion Mains
Hand soap. The best way to get total clean hands. ..
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