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H2Ocean, company renowned in the field of tattoos and piercing for its natural products for tattoo aftercare and safely and effectively healing, without the use of harmful chemicals. Have you ever thought of treating your piercing and\or your tattoo with the sea? With H2Ocean you can do it. H2Ocean products are safe for all ages, skin types and diabetics. The products have no side effects and is not toxic. H2Ocean products are currently sold in over 13,000 tattoo shop worldwide. These products are created with formulas made from sea salt for natural healing and are dedicated to the tattoo and piercing industry. Products Tattoo and Body Piercing aftercare are are designed by specialists to ensure the best and as quickly as possible to take care of tattooing and piercing. H2Ocean offers a wide range of natural products for the care of the tattoo and piercing safe and effective.Spray from Piercing, tattoo Aquatat sunscreen products for pain relief the H2Ocean produces products that guarantee adequate care and natural for your tattoos and piercings regardless of your skin type. How to take care of tattoos and piercing is just as important for those who made them!

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H2Ocean - Ocean Care moisturizing cream Tattoo Aftercare
Vegan friendlyWater based (petroleum free)Fragrance free..
H2Ocean - Ocean Tattoo Moisturizer Aftercare
H2Ocean's Ocean Foam is a unique, all natural patented formula that is the first of its kind in the tattoo community. This skin barrier foam is designed to moisturize a new tattoo and also lock in the..
H2Ocean - Piercing Spray
H2Ocean's ingredients are natural to the human body; The active ingredient Lysozyme kills over 650 typese of bacteria, diseases, viruses and fungi...
H2Ocean - Sea Life SPF 45
H2Ocean's Sea Life is designed to protect your skin, face, and body art from the damaging sun rays and keep your skin looking healthy...
H2Ocean Aquatat Tattoo Ointment
H2Ocean's Aquatat is the first ointment created to effectively protect your tattoo with its pharmaceutical grade ingredients...
H2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap
Blue Green Foam Soap was designed to effectively wash your new tattoo without causing excessive damage or drying. Enriched with aloevera...
H2Ocean Blue Green Liquid Soap
H2Ocean Blue Green Liquid Soap is a soap designed for cleaning and care of the tattoo. Aloe vera enriched liquid soap disinfects and moisturizes at the same time. The liquid soap is vegan friendly. Th..
H2Ocean Kit Extreme Tattoo Care
The protection of H2Ocean kit was created to take care of the tattoo from start to finish.  H2Ocean’s Extreme Tattoo Care is a three step system that has been designed to ensure a safe aftercare ..
H2Ocean Kit Protection Ultimate Tattoo Care
Ocean Care moisturizing cream is designed to moisturize and protect your new tattoo...
Lemon Ice Sea Salt Oral Rinse - H2Ocean
H2Ocean Lemon Mouthwash is designed to help heal and protect new oral piercing without using chemical solutions harmful . H2Ocean mouthwash without alcohol and fluoride will allow you to wash regularl..
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