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Easytattoo product for care and healing of tattoo. Easytattoo is one of the product range by Medical Body Art. MBA ia French company leader in Tattoo industry that since 2004 developped hygiene and aftercare solutions specific to body art. They offer their products exclusively to tattoo and piercing studios through their brands: Easytattoo, Easytattoo Professional, Easypiercing and Easycleaning. Anxious to best meet the needs of professionnals and consumers, MBA works with professionals of the body art and health industries. MBA ensure a French manufacturing under pharmaceutical and dermatological control, a regulatory compliance of their products and a certified industrial partners ANSM and ISO (International Organization for Standardization). Thanks this approach, nowdays MBA works with over 1,000 studios in France and 40 countries around the world that trust them and appreciate the quality of products.

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Easy Tattoo Cream
Specially developed for the new tattoo, this Panthénol based cream favours the restructuring. Further more, its specific formula has a comforting effect reducing itches and irritations. It does not st..
Easy Tattoo Repairing Cream 4ml
Repairing Cream Easy Tattoo 4ml 20 pieces box Specific cream for the tattoo health and aftercare Easytattoo® Cream This cream is hypoallergenic and ideal for the new tattoo...
Easy Tattoo Soft Cleansing Gel
It’s a formula, respectful of the skin's pH, with emollient effect reducing the itching caused by the tattoo. It respects the cutaneous flora, protecting the tattoo and allowing frequent washing. It i..
Easytattoo Aftercare Kit
The ultimate tattoo aftercare kit is essential for all healing stages of your tattoo. kit include : one easy tattoo creamone easy tattoo soft cleansing gel..
Easytattoo Professional - Vaseline Petroleum Jelly 500g
Easytattoo Professional - White soft for outdoor use Jar of 500g The new product by Easytattoo, 500g jar of Vaseline quality specially formulated for skin with tattoos. Vaseline from 'creamy..
Extreme Sun Stick 50+UVA - Optimal Sun Protection 50+
Extreme Sun Stick 50+UVA - Optimal Sun Protection 50+ 10gr stick generate a powerful barrier against sun rays, water resistant and protects from weather changes, ideal for tattooed skins. The new suns..
Hamamelis Water
Witch hazel is a plant. The leaf, bark, and twigs are used to make medicine. You may see a productcalled witch hazel water (Hamamelis water, distilled witch hazel extract). Th..
Easy Tattoo White Soap
Easy Tattoo White SoapThe WHITE SOAP can be used during the entire tattooing process. It cleanses and maintains perfect hygiene of tattoos.The White Soap is formulated with :Teflose® an active agent t..
Easycleaning lotion Mains
Hand soap. The best way to get total clean hands. ..
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