Tattoo Beauty Aftercare products

Tattoo Beauty aftercare products. Best brand in tattoo industry about products for healing of tattoos. Thanks twenty years experience in the "Body-Art" of some italian tattoo artists born TATTOO BEAUTY, a series of professional products made exclusively for tattoo industry. With their composition of selected ingredients, dermatologically tested and certified by the University of Pavia, TATTOO BEAUTY products are used to thoroughly clean the skin before work, to protect the tattoo during the various treatment phases and to make the colors more vibrant.

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Concentrate Antibacterial Soap 400ml
Concetrated Antibacterial Soap is a detergent for the skin cleansing, during and after the tattoo. Offers fresh sensation with an hygienic action...
Extreme Sun Stick 50+UVA - Optimal Sun Protection 50+
Extreme Sun Stick 50+UVA - Optimal Sun Protection 50+ 10gr stick generate a powerful barrier against sun rays, water resistant and protects from weather changes, ideal for tattooed skins. The new suns..
Hamis Hamamelis Solution
Hamis hamamelis solution is a product with soothing and vasoconstrictor action great for dilute color tattoo 200ml...
Tattoo Beauty Box (New Tattoo Cream)
This formula provides a suitable hydration and excellent anti-reddening action...
Tattoo Beauty Jar 500 ml
Tattoo beauty is a product for the skin care after the tattoo gives a great hydration 500ml...
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