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Tattoosupply.com by Micromutazioni has all you need to start tattooing. In this section you will find a full range of tattoo power supplies, tattoo pedal and cable. All the tattoo products that we have in stock is high quality and we only offer the most famous tattoo brands on the world : Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment, Critical Tattoo, IPower Tattoo&Technology, Geko, Eikon Device, Nemesis and more. Once you have selected the most appropiate power supply for your needs, you may also be interested to know that we sell a wide variety of high tension clipcords and high quality RCA cords which can be chosen in a variety of designs and styles. Phono leads and other connection wires are also available. Futhermore we offer a good selection of footswitches and tattoo pedal. All you have to do today is take a look around and choose your favourite one!

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Professional Electrodermograph
The Electrodermograph is a generator of high frequency current that allows removing old tattoos facilitating the subsequent cover up. Be great professionals involves having the right tools to meet the..
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